Every swimming pool facility has its own specific challenges and requires a customised solution that complies with industry regulations. VDH knows like no other that there are hardly any ready-made stainless steel constructions. This is why every solution that VDH Stainless Steel Construction offers is based on a practical and and legally sound design. Look to us for your customisation needs, including stainless steel stairs, complicated railings and many other products for non-residential construction. Our delivery programme also includes stainless steel components for sanitation facilities, diving towers and turnstiles. We also offer the services of our own assembly teams.

Besides practical durability, architects and clients are steadily becoming more interested in design. Beautiful buildings that complement newly-developed areas define current notions of contemporary architecture. As such, sporting facilities are also prioritizing an aesthetic and ergonomic interior design. Clean lines, wall decorations and various other design components give an interior a distinguished look. VDH Stainless Steel Construction is also moving with the times. On request, an industrial designer can be consulted to help create a stainless steel product design that not only meets regulatory standards but also looks striking. This comprehensive programme allows VDH Stainless Steel Construction to deliver on all-encompassing projects.