VDH Engineering is specialised in the development and application of the newest technologies in swimming pools. As our engineers are active in the swimming pool world we have a special insight into the expectations and desires of swimming pool users. With over 40 years experiences in facilitating swimming pools, we have a unique knowledge of the challenges that come with using technology in pools. Our products are characterised by a high resistance to the aggressive pool environment. This ensures that your investment is long lasting.

A clear trend is the installation of full colour LED screens in swimming pools. VDH Engineering offers a wide range of multifunctional LED screens. Our engineers have developed a unique software platform for the setting up and operation of the screen. Use your screen to display competition results, water polo score registration, television, the MyLaps training system, interactive games, advertisements and much more!

VDH Engineering also provides movable floors. With a movable floor you can increase the flexibility of your pool.

With our large variety of technology and hardware products, we can provide all the necessary technology for your swimming pool.