VDH Engineering is specialised in the development and application of the newest technologies in swimming pools. As our engineers are active in the swimming pool world we have a special insight into the expectations and desires of swimming pool users. With over 40 years experiences in facilitating swimming pools, we have a unique knowledge of the challenges that come with using technology in pools. Our products are characterised by a high resistance to the aggressive pool environment. This ensures that your investment is long lasting.

A clear trend is the installation of full colour LED screens in swimming pools. VDH Engineering offers a wide range of multifunctional LED screens. Our engineers have developed a unique software platform for the setting up and operation of the screen. Use your screen to display competition results, water polo score registration, television, the MyLaps training system, interactive games, advertisements and much more!

VDH Engineering also provides movable floors. With a movable floor you can increase the flexibility of your pool.

With our large variety of technology and hardware products, we can provide all the necessary technology for your swimming pool.

  • The VDH waterpolo system is equipped with all the necessary hardware for score registration of waterpolo events. Combined with an LED scoreboard, the match results are displayed in a unique graphic design on the LED screen. A complete system consists of a VDH water polo console, shotclocks and scoreboard software.
  • The VDH movable floor is of the ‘floating floor’ type and consists of modular RVS Aisi 316 L/Ti floating modules. The individual modules measure 2000x1000mm. This makes them easy to operate and means you don’t have to make large adjustments during the installation of the floor. Unlike traditional movable floors, the VDH movable floor does not require a structural basement around the basin. It also does not require any intervention on the structural pool walls toaccommodate cylinders. This means that the entire space around the basin remains empty. This, in combination with a very limited built-in height, makes the VDH movable floor suitable for use in new projects as well as existing pools. The floating modules are attached and the topside is fitted with white, chlorine-resistant HDPE floor panels with a non-skid finish. Motor units (24V DC 1,1 KW nominal 25 Amp), fitted with a gearbox and stainless steel underwater casing, are installed in four of the stainless steel modules in the floor. The structural basin floor is fitted with four stainless steel barrels that are attached to the motor units with stainless steel cables. The cables pull the floor to the desired water depth. The operation of the VDH movable floor relies on PLC technology. The operating installation consists of a switch-box 4,4 kW, 380 V AC, 4 x gear to 24 V DC 25 Amp.; PLC by Omron including program (specific circumstances to be discussed); colour TS by Omron with operation software (lay-out and other requirements such as pre-set depths to be discussed) and a compressor at 230V with pressure reducing valve. Furthermore, the system features a water depth display with an acoustic signal and a flashing “do not dive” pictogram during floor movement. Benefits of the VDH movable floors: -No extra space needed below the basin to accommodate hydraulic lifting cylinders -No risk of leakage from cylinders -No oil leakage from cylinders -No cables across the structural basin floor, which makes cleaning easier -No large accommodations or passages necessary during the installation of the floor -No chlorine-using depositories below polyester floor elements -Easy maintenance from the topside of the floor -Easy to assemble in both existing pools and new structures -Variable measurements possible -Floor panels can be easily replaced, if necessary -Floor panels are finished with anti-skid surface -Maintenance and service can be analysed using a central modem
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    At VDH Engineering we are continually working to further develop technology for use in swimming sports. Our years of experience in the sport and industry have given us insight into the needs of swimmers and trainers. This allows us to create products that meet these needs.
  • In the near future, LED screens will be indispensible in swimming pools. Not only does an LED screen replace traditional scoreboards, it also creates a space-filling multifunctional information screen without negatively affecting the aesthetics of the space. Our screens are supplied in combination with our 360° software platform. The 360° platform can be expanded with various plug-ins. The plug-ins include the required hardware and software, and offer applications for scoreboards for competitive swimming and water polo, interactive games, advertisements, MyLaps and much more!
  • Our self-developed unique software, the 360° platform, serves as a foundation for the optimal exploitation of technology in your pool, with the LED screen as centre of attraction. The 360° platform is a central system in your facility, that can be modularly expanded with plug-ins. These plug-ins offer applications for the LED screen. They are unique and meet the needs of both pool operators and swimmers. The following plug-ins are available: - Competition swimming - Water polo - Interactive games - MyLaps training system - Advertisments - Video processor - Television - Film With the 360° platform, any competition sport can be supported with a clear and visually appealing display on the screen. Everything is operated centrally with an easy-to-use interface. Exploitation via the 360° platform The 360° platform goes far beyond traditional screens and scoreboards, which are primarily aimed at displaying competition results. The 360° platform prioritizes the exploitation of the screens. The investment in an LED screen is no long a single large expense. Rather, the investment is easily returned by selling advertising time on the screens themselves. The screens have thus far been a neglected source of revenue, while they have much to offer. For instance, the screens are always real time and it is possible to display company films and advertisements on them. The 360° platform can be installed with a plug-in for an online advertising system, in which advertisers can easily make their own advertisement. For more information about this system, don’t hesitate to contact us!