VDH Pool Equipment supplies all manner of instructional, gaming and recreational materials, as well as permanent interior products such as hairdryers, mirrors, benches etc. All of these materials meet the highest quality standards. Many of these products are manufactured in house. Customised measurements, high quality and attention to detail make the products of VDH Pool Equipment a responsible long-term investment.


  • Equipment carts suited for various applications, for instance storage of water polo materials, swimming lines or balls.
  • REA materials
    Our REA products are made from shock-resistant synthetic material, are easy to clean, rust- and water-resistant, hygienic, light-weight, strong, sturdy and stable. They are easy to assemble and come in various sizes. Find a complete assortment for your swimming pool here.
  • Attachment materials for attachment of various fixtures in swimming pools. Our attachment materials are made from high-quality stainless steel, offering a high resistance to the pool environment.
  • Various diving materials for use in swimming pool facilities. Large assortment of well-known brands such as Cressi and Mares.
  • Durafirm parts for use with a maxiflex board and short stand.
  • First aid and rescue materials
    First aid and rescue materials for use in swimming pool facilities. We offer a complete assortment of first aid and rescue materials for a safe pool environment.
  • Hair- and hand dryers for use in swimming pool facilities. We offer a complete and varied assortment of hair and hand dryers.
  • Interior (58)

    We offer overshoes, traffic cones, mirrors, clothes hangers and text- and symbol signs.
  • Clocks (6)

    Clocks suitable for the swimming pool environment.
  • We offer a wide range of educational materials for swimming pools. From kick boards to swim-through screen, with us you will find all the required equipment for teaching various lessons in pools.
  • Applications and products for disabled pool guests. From lifts to collar floats, look to us to provide all necessary equipment for disabled swimmers.
  • Maintenance materials for cleaning pool facilities.
  • Key(wrist)bands and locks for lockers in swimming pool facilities. Our assortment includes safe-o-mat locks and various wristbands suitable for many lock brands. All our products are suited to the pool environment.
  • Various products for wateranalysis in public pools. Our assortment includes thermometers and Lovibond water analysis equipment and accessories.
  • Various water polo materials including lines, water polo goals, goal nets and balls. Our assortment includes products made in-house and products by Malmsten.
  • Competition and trainingmaterials for competition swimming and waterpolo.
  • We offer a wide array of swimming lines and accessories. Our assortment includes training lines, Malmsten competition lines, flag lines, backstroke flag lines, false start lines, line parts and attachment materials. All our lines adhere to current regulations.

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