Our self-developed unique software, the 360° platform, serves as a foundation for the optimal exploitation of technology in your pool, with the LED screen as centre of attraction. The 360° platform is a central system in your facility, that can be modularly expanded with plug-ins. These plug-ins offer applications for the LED screen. They are unique and meet the needs of both pool operators and swimmers. The following plug-ins are available:

– Competition swimming
– Water polo
– Interactive games
– MyLaps training system
– Advertisments
– Video processor
– Television
– Film

With the 360° platform, any competition sport can be supported with a clear and visually appealing display on the screen. Everything is operated centrally with an easy-to-use interface.

Exploitation via the 360° platform
The 360° platform goes far beyond traditional screens and scoreboards, which are primarily aimed at displaying competition results. The 360° platform prioritizes the exploitation of the screens. The investment in an LED screen is no long a single large expense. Rather, the investment is easily returned by selling advertising time on the screens themselves. The screens have thus far been a neglected source of revenue, while they have much to offer. For instance, the screens are always real time and it is possible to display company films and advertisements on them. The 360° platform can be installed with a plug-in for an online advertising system, in which advertisers can easily make their own advertisement. For more information about this system, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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