With over 40 years experience in the equipment of swimming pool facilities, VDH Leerdam guarantees knowledge, quality and service. VDH Leerdam consists of three different departments: VDH Stainless Steel Construction, VDH Engineering and VDH Technical Trade Office. With these three departments we can provide the complete furnishing of your swimming pool.

Quality and safety standards

Laws regarding the hygiene and safety of bathing and pool facilities (WHVBZ and BHVBZ) require you to adhere to certain hygiene and safety standards. This is why the installations and products of VDH Leerdam meet the European requirements of the WHVBZ and BHVBZ in every detail. Don’t hesitate to contact us for specific safety standards and more information.

Furthermore, we have a national service department that guarantees fast and professional services. If you are looking for expertise and customisation, VDH Leerdam is your trustworthy partner. A partner that looks at the bigger picture.

VDH Stainless Steel Construction

Every swimming pool facility has its own specific challenges and requires a customised solution that complies with industry regulations. VDH knows like no other that there are hardly any ready-made stainless steel constructions. This is why every solution that VDH Stainless Steel Construction offers is based on a practical and and legally sound design. Look to us for your customisation needs, including stainless steel stairs, complicated railings and many other products for non-residential construction. Our delivery programme also includes stainless steel components for sanitation facilities, diving towers and turnstiles. We also offer the services of our own assembly teams.

Besides practical durability, architects and clients are steadily becoming more interested in design. Beautiful buildings that complement newly-developed areas define current notions of contemporary architecture.  As such, sporting facilities are also prioritizing an aesthetic and ergonomic interior design. Clean lines, wall decorations and various other design components give an interior a distinguished look. VDH Stainless Steel Construction is also moving with the times. On request, an industrial designer can be consulted to help create a stainless steel product design that not only meets regulatory standards but also looks striking. This comprehensive programme allows VDH Stainless Steel Construction to deliver on all-encompassing projects.

VDH Engineering

VDH Engineering is specialised in the development and application of the newest technologies in swimming pools. As our engineers are active in the swimming pool world we have a special insight into the expectations and desires of swimming pool users. With over 40 years experiences in facilitating swimming pools, we have a unique knowledge of the challenges that come with using technology in pools. Our products are characterised by a high resistance to the aggressive pool environment. This ensures that your investment is long lasting.

A clear trend is the installation of full colour LED screens in swimming pools. VDH Engineering offers a wide range of multifunctional LED screens. Our engineers have developed a unique software platform for the setting up and operation of the screen. Use your screen to display competition results, water polo score registration, television, the MyLaps training system, interactive games, advertisements and much more!

VDH Engineering also provides movable floors. With a movable floor you can increase the flexibility of your pool.

With our large variety of technology and hardware products, we can provide all the necessary technology for your swimming pool.

VDH Technical Trade Office

VDH Technical Trade Office supplies all manner of instructional, gaming and recreational materials, as well as permanent interior products such as hairdryers, mirrors, benches etc. All of these materials meet the highest quality standards. Many of these products are manufactured in house. Customised measurements, high quality and attention to detail make the products of VDH Technical Trade Office a responsible long-term investment.

Our catalogue

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