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The plug-in Narrowcasting or also called digital signage offers an effective way of communicating. With narrowcasting, you reach your specific target group. In narrowcasting, LED screens connected with a narrowcasting player are placed in a public or work space. The narrowcasting player is driven by the self-developed and user-friendly Content Management System. The screens inform your visitors and staff, about offers, latest news, new products, services, current weather forecasts, location information, current traffic information, website referrals, announcements of a staff trip etc, etc. And all this in your own design. Narrowcasting is also used to show visitors the way. The LED screens have a high attention value and modernize your interior. The VDH narrowcasting system is independent, so you decide what and when it will be displayed on which screen. Because the screens are connected to the Internet, most information is loaded automatically. Thus, the system is “self-sufficient”, so it’s always up to date with a current presentation.

You can also combine VDH narrowcasting with our scoreboard software. For example, it is possible to show information before, during and after a match. The ideal way to put your sponsors in the daylight and to display information from the athletes. And what about the moments that there are no matches? Have you become excited and want to know if narrowcasting can also be used in your location? Please feel free to contact us. We’d love to tell you all the ins and outs and give an appropriate demonstration.




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