VDH perimeter net installation

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A perimeter net is (most often) installed on both ends of the competition pool. The stainless steel poles are 2000mm above platform-level and are fitted with an inner pipe. A synthetic ertalon cap is fitted on the bottom to protect the tiles. The perimeter net is made from 4mm nylon thread and has an edge line. Mesh width is 150mm.

Additional information


material poles : stainless steel Aisi 316 Material perimeter net : nylon


Afwerking staanders : hoogglans gepolijst Afmetingen staanders : buis 38mm H=2125mm Afmetingen keernet : variabel,afhankelijk van badbree


in competition pools for water polo use


in VDH floor pots, article numbers 0000035P, 0000254P or 0000241P

Composed of

4 long poles and 4 short including 2 VDH perimeter nets (article number 0602041H)