Starmix airstar XT-100-E

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The Starmix Highspeed XT 1000 EcoFast hand dryer is a revolutionary development. A small and compact hand dryer, which is also energy efficient, and quickly blows your hands dry! This model is ideal for restaurants, hotels, schools, swimming pools, sports centers and other public buildings. This hand dryer belongs to Starmix’s Eco-Line, which means that it is extra energy efficient.

The hand dryer is maintenance free and looks modern. The warm air blows your hands dry in about 15 seconds. This hand dryer must be mounted on the wall. With the enclosed wall mounting system, you can hang the hand dryer on the wall without opening the device.

The Starmix Highspeed XT 1000 EcoFast has a steel housing with a 1.5 mm plate thickness and is resistant to vandalism. The hand dryer automatically turns on when the hands are kept under the hand dryer. An infrared detection turns on the device. The sensor is protected against vandalism; The hand dryer will never be closed for more than 60 seconds. In addition, this hand dryer is equipped with a temperature limiter against overheating and a fuse fuse.

The hand dryer has a steel housing and a maintenance-free, whisper-proof and energy-efficient engine. This gives you a long and maintenance-free life span. This hand dryer has been awarded a special award for energy-saving hand dryers.

Additional information


stairmix airstar XT-100-E


steel housing




250x138x180 mm

Air speed

200 km/h


1000 watts

Dry time

15 seconds


with electronic sensor


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