Hairdryer Starmix Airstar type TH-C1

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The new Starmix AirStar hair dryer TH-C1 makes hair drying a fun experience. The Starmix hair dryer TH-C1 is a compact high speed hairdryer and is characterized by superior performance, advanced design, easy installation and comfortable operation. In addition, Starmix hairdryers offer a very favorable price quality and performance ratio. This new hair dryer dries the hair quickly and pleasantly, using advanced Starmix technology and high quality. The hair dryer is maintenance free and looks modern. The hair dryer’s housing is made of sturdy, robust and impact resistant plastic and features an easy clean exterior. The hair dryer offers good performance for quick, enjoyable and hygienic drying of hair. In addition, this hair dryer is energy efficient and uses only 900 watts of nominal power. The optimized air blow and blow nozzles combined with a powerful engine and advanced technology, ensure high quality and quick and effective drying of hair. The air filter is removable and easy to clean. The hairdryer is easy to operate. Users do not need to touch the device and only stand under the hair dryer. The hair dryer is electronically controlled and automatically switches itself on and blows the hair dry. The hair dryer is protected against overheating and switches itself off, even after the expiration of the time. In addition, the hair dryer is protected from false activation and switches off, this leads to energy saving. The hair dryer is maintenance free and easy to assemble. This hair dryer must be mounted on the wall. With the included wall mounting plate you can hang the hair dryer on the wall without opening the device, installing the wall mounting plate on the wall and simply sliding the hair dryer over it.


This hair dryer can also be mounted on a height adjustment platform, model H-C1. CE approved / GS approved / VDE / EMV / VDE / IP23.

Additional information


starmix type TH-C1


ABS synthetic




269x182x304 mm

Air yield

22 liters/sec


900 watts


electronic approach sensor


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