VDH SB17 Starting block

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Due to changes implemented by the World Swimming Federation (FINA), starting blocks have undergone a substantial modification in shape and function. VDH offers starting blocks that comply with these new regulations and fully meet the desires and expectations of (competitive) swimmers and coaches.


High quality anti-corrosive materials distinguish the VDH starting block. This ensures that your investment is sustainable. Parts that are subject to wear are modular and easily replaced, making the starting block very cost-efficient.


The (optional) pressure sensor gives swimmers and trainers more insight into their take-off technique. A waterproof display can be installed on the starting block. On this screen, recreational and competitive swimmers can view relevant information such as lap times and distance.


The combination of the starting blocks and the VDH 360° software platform greatly expands the commercial possibilities of a starting block. The 360° platform makes it possible to display advertisements on the starting block screen. The sale of advertisements allows you to receive a return on your investment in the starting blocks. For more information about this system, please contact us.

Additional information


VDH competition starting block


surface 740x520mm



Starting platform

with anti-slip surface


with in-length adjustable foot rest


RDB (relay break detection), LCD screen


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