Competitor Gold competition line


Competitor Gold competitionline: this wave-breaking competition line is used at the Olympic games as well as other global, European and national championships. The line consists of interconnected turning disks on a stainless steel cable, ensuring a perfect wave-break. The line is supplied with a unique tightening system and attachment hooks. The standard colour combination is: first and last 5m red, 10m marker yellow, rest alternating 1m’ blue – 1m’ white – 1m’ blue – 1 m’ white.

Additional information


take-up-reel (article number 0801045H), reel key (article number 0801043H) and spring (0801044H)

Type discs

synthetic perforated wave-breaking discs

Donut floats

in-between hollow synthetic floats

Dimensions discs

155x85mm (hxd)

Dimensions donuts

75x35mm (hxd)

Colour disc donuts

red, yellow, blue, white and green


stainless steel cable diameter 4mm


none, interconnected discs with intermittent donuts

End attachment

stainless steel Aisi 316 hook

tension roll

take-up-reel with key and spring

Length line

choice: standard 25 meter(article number 0801050H) or 50 meter    (article number 0801051H)

Spacing floaters

standard interconnected